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Connect for life

Sri Lanka

“People would call me names and I would get angry with God,” recalled Pastor Robert.

In the middle of the country is a campsite that Pastor Robert wanted the moment he saw the place. The location was ideal for the intention he had in mind – to reconcile the relationship between the Tamil north and the Sinhalese south, after a civil war that lasted for nearly three decades and finally ending in 2009.

Growing up, Pastor Robert was very confused about his identity as he was part Sinhalese, part Tamil, part Buddhist and was also influenced by a Christian grandmother. “People would call me names and I would get angry with God,” recalled Pastor Robert.

I asked him why He made me like this.” He gradually came to recognise the purpose God gave him, to be the bridge between the two racial groups in his country. The realisation led him to start the ‘Connect for Life’ camp. Today, most of the campers come from the post-war region of Sri Lanka, travelling miles to reach the campsite.

When Pastor Robert said yes to the campsite, he had no money to develop the place. However, the timely visit of Logos Hope in 2013 allowed for crewmembers with the right skills to help to refurbish the campsite buildings. “We urgently needed more manpower to get ready for an upcoming family camp,” shared Pastor Robert. “I think the Logos Hope teams brought not only help, but hope to the place. It was unexpected support at the right time.”

During a subsequent visit in 2015, Logos Hope team members again encouraged Pastor Robert who was running the youth and children camp. Several teams visited the campsite to interact, encourage and share their faith with the campers. “It’s amazing what God can do when your willingness is there,” said Pastor Robert encouragingly.

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